bulldog vaults trigger lock forgot the combination

It is possible to unlock a vault when you’ve forgotten the combination. After this, you’ll be able to reset the code. 

The first thing we have to do is to hold the reset button while turning the first number clockwise. You have to turn the dial in the same way until you get the combination. Hold the reset button and turn the dial several times. Do this until all three numbers are set. Once done, you’ll be able to push the trigger and open the lock. 

You can reset the code once the lock is unlocked. The code or password can be changed as per convenience; there are no limits to that. 

Forgot the combination to snap safe

You have to pull up the shackle to open the lock. You have to turn the shackle 90 degrees counterclockwise. Turn the dials to get the combination. In order to get the combination you want, turn the dials fully clockwise. You have to hold down the shackle while you are doing this. To set a new digit, turn the shackle back to normal. Do this several times until you change the whole password.

If it is the first time, you have to reset the three digits to 0-0-0. All the digits must be set to 0. You also have to move the lock housing and transfer it from A to B. You can verify the new code two times. 

Book safe with combination lock forgot combination

The default code of a book safe is always 000. Change the password for more security. A book-safe password has three digits. In order to unlock the box, you need to reset the code to 0-0-0. Then, you have to hold down the reset button and turn the dial clockwise. Turn the round button to unlock the safe book. 

Move the lock slot from A to B to reset the password. Set the dials to the password you think it’s safe for you. Return to the closing position, which is generally from B to A9) When unlocking it, you turn the slot clockwise from A to B. 

Smokezilla lock bag forgot the combination

To unlock your SMOKEZILLA, preset the lock to 000, which is the default box. Hold down the reset button and turn the dial to reset the lock. Release the button once you’re done setting all digits. 

Not all locks are handled the same way. Some slide down while others do not. Some locks have a reset button you must hold while rotating the dials. Release this button as soon as you’ve finished setting each digit. The 000 digit will allow you to reset the code without a problem, digit by digit. You will hear a sound every time you enter a digit or turn the shackle to set a number. Put your ear up near the lock when doing this. The lock will click. 

Combi-cam ultra instructions

After resetting the combination, make sure the lock is preset to the default 000, which is the factory.

Find the reset button and push and hold it down. This button will allow you to change the code. You shouldn’t release this button until you change each number. 

To change the code, you have to rotate the dials three times until you get the three numbers of your new combination. Remember that the combination has 3 digits. You have to turn the dial leftwards or rightwards to set each digit. It depends on the type of lock, of course. Release the reset button once the code is set.  

If you want to open the lock, just turn the dials to the combination you’ve created. If the lock is closed and does not want to open, insert the key into the lock and rotate it clockwise. 

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